→ A Christian laboratory where FAITH, science, and psychology truly collaborate

→ For those rooted in God and for those seeking spirituality, including nones

→ A redemptive mission to fruitfully believe in today’s world


If you want to:

  • Understand faith using your own intellect
  • Reap psychological benefits in the form of God’s grace
  • Build a relationship with the Creator and grow in faith as an Individual
  • Humbly and bravely face the dark valleys (in spiritual development)
  • Function fruitfully in the modern world as a person of faith

Let's get acquainted!

For two decades, I’ve been working in the marketing industry. A few years ago, I realized something. I don’t really know how, nor do I want to “sell”. I prefer to speak the truth.

A well-known entrepreneur once said, „The moment of truth can be seen in two ways – as a moment of magic or a moment of misery.”

In my life, I faced a midlife crisis (among other things). In reality, I sought meaning in the surrounding world. Through this, I got to know God closely.

Conversion changed the direction of my work and greatly enriched it. Towards salvation! That was the moment of revealed truth.

Jaroslav Sivicki

What do I do in the Spiritual LAB?

Over time, I’ve built credible (faith-worthy) knowledge of Christian spirituality. Even though I don’t have theological education, I combine acquired knowledge with Catholic sacramental practice.

I believe that proper KNOWLEDGE is essential for anyone who wants to establish a fruitful relationship with God.

For this purpose, I study a multitude of credible sources where the immense benefits of practicing spirituality are clearly listed.






years of work


Spiritual LAB

However, in practice, everything looks different… Many people declare surprising difficulties with faith!

People lack sufficient knowledge. And because they lack knowledge, they don’t receive the abundance of grace.

Saint Augustine argued that one of the main causes of disbelief is lack of understanding.

The result?

Dark valleys can discourage… And collision with reality (in human terms) can hurt!

That’s why I accompany you on this spiritual journey, saving my readers’ time in searching for useful knowledge (vitamins for the soul!).

What will you find in the Spiritual LAB?

I’ve prepared a series of (weekly) electronic LETTERS, where I show how I deal with human difficulties while building a healthy relationship with God. And that’s normal.

I experience grace as if it were aspirin, on my own skin and heart.

I’ve discovered that reduced expectations bring more satisfaction. And the consequence of gratitude is joy!

Timeless values – once known – are renewed for free. And they stay with you forever.

Beautiful principles are constant – engraved on the Tablets of the Decalogue – but we constantly have to remind ourselves.

„Spiritual growth is a repetitive process, yet it involves rediscovering God over and over…”


– Jaroslav Sivicki, author of Spiritual LAB

So, if you want to:

  • Learn how to increase your daily trust in Jesus
  • Strengthen your sense of dignity and inner strength (perfecting yourself in weakness)
  • Learn ways to control negative thoughts and prevent bad emotions
  • Develop the gift of discerning God’s will and its alignment with our free will
  • Improve the ability to concentrate and find peace in everyday life

Support my works – as an independent Christian Creator – by pre-ordering any package in the Spiritual LAB:

Pre-order Package


What will you receive?

A unique series of electronic letters and have direct communication with the creator of Spiritual LAB (via email)

✅ An innovative eBook „Brian’s Journey to God.”

✅ A portion of carefully curated knowledge on 20 pages in PDF format

$5 $7.9
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Immediate delivery

STUDY Package

What will you receive?

JOURNEY Package (included)

✅ A specialized STUDY of faith and psychology in eBook form

✅ Detailed elaboration of the content of three books (on the specified topic). Extracted lessons and valuable tips from the authors!

✅ 87 pages in a color electronic PDF version

$8 $11.99
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What you will receive?

JOURNEY Package (included)

STUDY Package (included)

✅ eBook „Spiritual LABoratory”

(Print edition length 384 pages)

✅ The digital version of the book is prepared for easy reading on electronic devices

✅ Three formats: EPUB, PDF, MOBI

$11.99 $15.99
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Immediate delivery

You can pre-order the eBook „Spiritual LABoratory” – exclusively on this website.

You won’t find it in bookstores and online stores (on Amazon).

About the eBook „Spiritual LABoratory”

The study reveals Christian spirituality – based on original sources – in the reality of the modern world.

As a result of the symbiosis of faith and personal development, we discover a modern proposal of values.

If you look at faith and psychology through the eyes of ancient experts, you have the chance to learn many useful things.

With the help of this study:

  • You will discover St. Augustine’s concept of happiness
  • You will learn to control negative thoughts with the help of Christian Desert Monks
  • You will understand an effective tool used by coaches and psychologists, which Socrates already used
  • You will learn the scientific theory of „less is more”
  • You will find out what God does in the gray everyday life


The book „Spiritual Laboratory” reveals immaterial values.


You won’t find the author’s name on the cover or in the book. It is presented at the beginning as Spiritual Alphabet, but this does not in any way diminish the value of this publication. After all, it takes a lot of courage (and skill!) to write about the spiritual path as a proposal for personal development in the modern market of ideas. The book, well-edited, is an interesting proposition for looking at human development through the prism of spiritual growth. It asks many questions and directs you to new paths rarely taken nowadays…

Elzbieta Wiater, journalist, historian and theologian, blogger, author of numerous articles and books

Today, you can pre-order:

LABORATORY Package – with the three eBooks collection – at a promotional price of $11.90 (regular price $15.99).

In the Spiritual Laboratory, the author, through his experience, reinforced by scientific knowledge and reflection of spiritual authorities, leads the reader to discover their own spirituality. By combining the achievements of exact sciences with psychology and the ancient Christian tradition, he shows the world holistically, with its connections and dependencies. The observations of the Spiritual Alphabet can surprise with their accuracy, and at the same time, their unpredictability. However, this is not just an observatory laboratory. The reader is invited to their own reflections, to answer important questions, by confronting their thoughts with the text read. It’s worth reaching for this book and giving yourself a chance to look deep into yourself. Will you dare?

Alena Androsik, Doctor of Moral Theology (Catholic University of Lublin), co-founder of the Sal Terrae Foundation, translator, and proofreader

The eBooks are prepared for easy reading on a smartphone (large font size in PDF version) or on a tablet, computer.

Spiritual Alphabet unveils to the reader the depths of conscious, creative, and fruitful living. It doesn’t offer solutions within strictly defined frameworks but poses pertinent questions and seeks answers to them. It reveals the connections between psychology and spirituality (not to be confused with religious practices or worldviews). By sharing its personal story, it demonstrates that it’s never too late to live in the way we desire, even in the deepest corners of our emotions, spirituality, and daily struggles. Highly recommended!

Magdalena Urbanska, educator and family counselor. By choice, a wife and mother of two sons

Today, you can pre-order any of the eBook Packages at promotional prices:

JOURNEY Package $5 (regular price $7.9)

STUDY Package $8 (regular price $11.99)

✅ JOURNEY package included!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My real name is Jaroslav Sivicki. But that doesn’t tell you much, does it? I’ll add that I’m Polish and was born and live in Vilnius. (I’m a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania).

    I want you to easily remember my personal brand – Spiritual Alphabet. I’ll provide you with a lot of interesting and useful knowledge about spirituality and psychology. I hope you’ll get to know me through my works 😊.

  • eBooks from any of the packages are delivered instantly via email.

  • Write to the email address jarek@booktarget.pl, and I will try to respond within one business day.

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